Loudon Old Home Day

Please join us at Loudon Old Home Day on Saturday August 10th.  We’ll have food and cash collection boxes, homemade cloth grocery bags, bookmarks, grocery lists and keychains to sell.  Also, our “Hunger Sucks, Food Rocks” wrist bands will be there as well!


FUNraising Night at Friendly’s

FUNraising Night at Friendly’s

On Thursday August 29, 2013  we were at Friendly’s on 147 Loudon Rd., Concord NH.  On the same day we also handed out 300 flyers for our Friendly’s event at Walmart in Concord.  On both fronts we had a great time.  At Walmart we received a little over $45.00 in donations and sold $9.00 of product.  At our main event (Friendly’s) we received around $42.00 in donation and a $103.00 from the coupons.  That means that people spent about $500.00 at Friendly’s to help Loudon Food Pantry.  It was great!  Thank you everyone for your help and your donations.


2013 June Raffle Update

50-50 Raffle Fundraiser ticket sales
as of June 30th
The winner will receive $41

The last day to buy tickets is Tuesday June 30th.
Get your tickets today!

Purchase your tickets by coming by the pantry at 30 Chichester Rd., Unit D in Loudon.  We are located in the same parking lot as Loudon Garage and in the same building as Foxy Hair Care.  You can also use the order form this website as well to get tickets.

The raffle ends on the last day of June.  With your help, we can make this year’s 50-50 Raffle Fundraiser a successful!


2013 Spring Raffle Results

The Spring Raffle is now over!

The winner of our 2013 Spring Raffle is…..

Sissy P. and she will receive $97.50.

Congratulations Sissy and thank you and  everyone else that participated!


2012 Holiday Raffle

Annual 50/50 Holiday Raffle at Loudon Food Pantry

With a 50/50 Raffle, the more tickets we sell, the more the winner gets (half of the ticket sales).  The raffle runs from November 1 to December 12.  Stop in at 30 Chichester Rd., Unit D, Loudon NH and get your tickets today!   Ticket Prices: 50¢ each, 5 for $2, or 10 for $3.  The winner will be picked at 5:00 PM on December 12th.  Have questions?  Call (603) 724-9731 or check out our website at LoudonFoodPantry.org.

If you don’t have time to stop in and get tickets, you can order through our order form here!



2012 June Raffle Results

50/50 Raffle Update

 The winner is Mike G. with the amount of $88.25.

Mike has decided to donate his winnings back to us!

Congratulations Mike and thank you!