Size Does Matter

Loudon Food Pantry receives food from the New Hampshire Food Bank and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). To receive this food, we sign contracts. Within those contract it is stated that we can not break down any large packaging of food into smaller packaging (no matter who it is received from). Even if the packaging inside is complete with labeling. For example. If we receive a 20 lb. bag of flour, we can not break it down to 4 – 5 lb. bags. Also, if we receive a large box of cereal that contains two bags of cereal inside, we must give out the whole box and cannot separate it.

The reasoning behind the “do not break down packaging” rule is allergies as well as recall information placed on labelling that helps us track down problem foods. Even though some items do have labelling on the packaging inside (i.e. packages of crackers within larger packaging), it is simpler to say nothing gets broken down then to try and explain what can and what can’t.

So, when donating, please keep this in mind. We can feed more people in need with average size items, than we can we large or oversize items. Size really does matter!