Time Off

Just a reminder. We will be closed and unavailable the week of June 20th (next week).


Time Off Reminder

Now that the busy holiday season has passed, it’s time to take a breather.  The food pantry will be closed and unavailable from March 21st – March 25th.  We will reopen on March 29th.  As usual, we will feed our clients double the week before, so they have food while we’re closed.


Just a Reminder

We are here today (Tuesday Dec. 14th) until 6 PM, Wednesday 9 AM – 1 PM and Thursday 9 AM – 4 PM. We are then closed (due to inventory) until Tuesday January 4, 2022 (with the exception of December 22nd – we give out Holiday Boxes).

So, if you’re in need of food you only have this week to call 603-724-9731 for an appointment. If you want to donate food or funds in person, you only have this week to drop off your donation. If you wish to mail funds (no cash please), we have a locked mailbox for the security of you donation.

We wish everyone a Happy Holiday!


Needed Break

After a week of giving out Turkey Food Boxes and feeding people for a double week, a break is needed. We have closed the food pantry this coming week so that our volunteers can prepare for and enjoy Thanksgiving with their friends and loved ones.

So, we will be closed and unavailable from November 20, 2021 until November 29, 2021. Please do not leave any donations outside the door. The pantry will reopen on Tuesday November 30, 2021 to feed people and accept donations.


Holiday Box Signup

If you come to Loudon Food Pantry for food, you qualify to receive a holiday box.

The signup deadline is November 30, 2021.

Please call Sue at 603-724-9731 and leave your name and number. She will return your call on November 29, 2021.


Break and Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes

Taking a Break

We will be closed and unavailable next week (October 11 through October 15). We will return on October 19. Enjoy your week!

Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes (Being given out November 16, 17 and 18)

If you qualify for the food pantry, you also qualify to receive a Thanksgiving Dinner Box. But, you must sign up to receive one. If you already come to the pantry, Sue is already gathering information. If you need to qualify for the pantry, just call Sue at (603) 724-9731. It’s an easy process and takes no time at all.

Deadline to sign up is October 31st. Sign up to secure you Thanksgiving Dinner Box.


Time Off

The pantry will be closed and we will be unavailable starting June 14th. We will reopen on June 22nd.  During this time, we ask that no donations be left outside the door. Thank you!


What happens to your food donation?

Loudon Food Pantry provides food to qualified people that live in Belmont, Canterbury, Chichester and Loudon NH. People that need our services must show proof of residency, proof of income and proof of other services they receive. These guidelines are set by the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA). Collecting this information and giving out the food is the easy part.

Let’s pretend we’ve received a food donation (non-perishable items only) and follow it along its process. It is assigned a number for tracking purposes and then it is put into quarantine until the following week. After quarantine, the real processing begins. All contents are checked for expiration dates (we do not hand out expired food). The expiration date is written on the front of the item so it can easily be seen. All expired food is put into our “farm” box and given to farmers that will use it to feed their animals. Then one line is marked through all the UPC (bar) codes. A store will not accept it as a return in this condition. On to the next step…

Each item will be given a predetermined category number and item number (15-31 = Vegetable – Corn 15 oz). A label is created that includes the donation number, category, and item number. All the items are listed on donation log sheet (this is our incoming inventory figures). They are put back in their container and sent to our Quality Control (QC) Department.

In our QC Department, all items are taken out and the item number is input into a computer and compared. All items are double checked against the donation log sheet and any corrections made. When all is confirmed, the items move onto a cart and are ready for the stockroom.

In the stockroom, the items are sorted by year, then by month. This is what determines their location. Most items can be put on the display shelves (these are shelves that we take from to feed those in need). The items that we have an abundance of will be put into boxes by year and month and put into stock. The stock is used to restock the display area. We have a stockroom system in place to track all boxed stock.

That’s what happens to the physical donation. The donor information (we do not sell or trade any of your information) and donation log sheet (incoming inventory) is input into our database. From there the food is costed and we used these figures when we send you a donation letter in January of the following year.


We are free!

After thirteen years of renting vans and box trucks or trying to find volunteers with a vehicle that’s available during working hours and larger than my Honda Fit…

We got a van! That’s right, we just purchased a Ford Transit 250 Van and today we picked up our first USDA food shipment. It even fit all the extra food we requested!

Now when we go to the NH Food Bank to get food we can take advantage of all the food we never had room for before! And when we need to pick up food drives, we won’t need to hustle to find vehicles and make several trips.