Our Hours, Explained

Loudon Food Pantry consists of three aspects.  Our patrons (the families that we feed), our donors, and our volunteers.

We service our patrons by appointment only.  This is usually done on Tuesday, Wednesday morning, and Thursdays. We do this because if we didn’t, we would have 20+ patrons parked in our parking lot the minute we open the doors. That many people parked at one time would cause distress to our neighbors.  Plus, the only way our patrons can get an appointment is to be pre-screen by phone.  This saves them from using what little gas they have to come to the pantry and find out they may not qualify.   Oh, and we don’t service our patrons on Fridays because this day is used during the winter for snow days and also defrosting freezers, etc.

Our donors usually come in during our office hours (Tuesday, Thursday,  and Fridays, 10 – 4).  (If these hours are not convenient, please call 724-9731 and we’ll do out best to accomodate you.)  Also, please do not leave donations outside our door.  We are always willing to give you  a tour of the pantry during these hours as well.

Volunteers are welcome to drop in and assist us on Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays, 10 – 4)  They help to process donations, help track inventory, and also help us service our patrons.  Yes, we do track our inventory which can be time consuming but  doing so allows us to quickly come up with the numbers we need for reports for The New Hampshire Food Bank, our EFAP Reports of The USDA and CRFP.


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