Spring & Summer is Great, But…

Yes, spring and summer is great, but it is also the time of year where are our finances become drastically low and the bills still need to be paid (last year I tried to pay with canned food- they weren’t happy)!

During the holidays, generosity is in abundance.  We receive food and funds a plenty!  Thank you!

But those resources dry up quickly when in the last three months, on average, we gave out enough food to create 6,500 meals.  To continue to feed those in need we pick up food from the USDA, New Hampshire Food Bank, Capital Region Food Program and receive private food and fund donations as well.

But we need more funds to pay for supplies, operational expenses and equipment that is in need of repair or replacing so we can remain an open and working pantry.

You can mail checks or money orders made payable to Loudon Food Pantry to:

Loudon Food Pantry
30 Chichester Rd., Unit D
Loudon, NH 03307

To donate by credit card or PayPal click here.  If paying by credit card, please understand that currently our processor is not charging us any fees to receive that payment.  So your full donation amount will be received.

Please help us to continue to feed those in need!  Any size donation will help!

Thank you!


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